Languages Training

Languages Training(C, C++, Java, VB, .NET, ASP) :
A2Z Computex Academy is a division of A2Z Computex Technologies, An International Web development and Software Development Company. We are the professional class Training Institute in Rajasthan with a vision to open the branches and franchise all across India and Abroad. A2Z Computex Academy provides the world class facility at the coaching labs, the institute has state of the art infrastructure, full access to internet for all students, fully loaded computers with high speed Intel powered processors and above all highly educated and experienced training faculty cum programmers. Learning from an experts makes all the difference. A2Z Computex Academy is established to meet the requirements of industry, we want to bridge the gap between what software industry wants from IT professionals and what is being taught in the conventional institutes. Our training classes are solely focusing on technology and trends that are highly in demand so when a student completes our course, they won't have to wait for a job, the employers will come and find them. A2Z Computex Academy is part of A2Z Computex Technologies, that is offshore software development company, being in the industry we can teach the insights of the technology that is highly in demand through our experienced programmers cum faculty members.

A2Z Training Features : High-standards of training process by experienced industry professionals Hands-on soft skills development for new and experienced students One-on-one interaction with each student; personal workstations; personal URL; live FTP access Anytime broadband internet access, all work to be done online for live experience Convenient 'on floor' practice facility available for all students Practical sessions at work stations and labs training carried on projectors for real application feel Regularly updated course material to offer the latest and train with latest technologies A resourceful library (reference books, e-books) at disposal for students Involvement in 'real life international projects' working on site on client projects Weekend classes for working participants as well special personality development classes Advanced web servers to host your work and profile

A2Z IT Language Training Courses :

Course 1. : Advanced level PHP Programming : This is a profesional advanced level PHP Programming course Our courses are designed by experienced market leaders and taking up the new technology to help you get maximum benefits from the courses.

Eligibilty : Asthetic sense of design, creative visualization, knowledge of basic computer operating as well some additional knowledge of internet is helpful 16 weeks (5 days x 2 hours per day) Practical hours are flexible

Outline : Configuring Your Installation, Creating PHP Pages using PHP5, Using PHP5 with MyQL, Using Tables to Display Data, Form Elements: Letting the User Work with Data, Letting the User Edit the Database, Manipulating and Creating Images with PHP, Validating User Input, Hanling and Avoiding Errors, Building Databases, Sending E-mail, User Logins, Profiles and Personalization, Building a Content Management System, Mailing Lists, Online Stores, Creating a Bulletin Board System, Using Log Files to Improve Your Site, Troubleshooting..

Course 2 : C And C++ :

Month 1 : C Programming :
PLT, I/O Statements, Operator, Control Statements, Arrays, Pointers, Functions, Structures, Unions, Dynamic Memory Allocation..

Month 2 : C++ Programming :
OOP Concepts, Classes and Objects, Constructor, Destructor, Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling

Eligibilty : Asthetic sense of design, creative visualization, knowledge of basic computer operating as well some additional knowledge of internet is helpful 60 Days (5 days x 2 hours per day) Practical hours are flexible

Outline :
1. Introduction to IT, Computers and Programming Language
1.1 Data and Information
1.2 Information storage, Transportation and Processing
1.3 Components of Computer Architecture
1.4 Diffrent types of Languages
1.4.1 Machine, Assembly, High Level

2. C Development Environment
2.1 Editor
2.2 Compiler
2.3 Linker and Dynamic Linking
2.4 Loader and Dynamic Loading
2.5 Libraries (Static and Dynamic)
2.6 Debugger
2.7 Profiler
2.8 IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

3. Functions, functional decomposition and parameters
3.1 Function Decomposition Paradigm
3.2 Function Cohesion and Coupling
3.3 Prolog, Epilog and Stack Frame.
3.4 Anatomy of a function
3.5 Parameterized functions

4. Variables, types, operators & expressions
4.1 Different Intrinsic types like int, float etc.
4.2 Different types of operators and their precedence.
4.3 Expression and sub-expressions
4.4 Bit-operators
4.5 Variable Declaration, Definition and Initialization

5. Pointers
5.1 Anatomy of a pointer
5.2 Using Pointers

6. Procedural Programming
6.1 Difference between functions and procedures
6.2 Different ways of passing parameter
6.3 Communication patterns between functions
6.4 Understanding auto, static, register & extern

7. Arrays (one dimensional and multidimensional)
7.1 Why Arrays?
7.2 Declaring and initializing arrays
7.3 Using Arrays
7.4 Bubble sort and Selection sort.

8. Strings
8.1 Declaring and using strings
8.2 Different type of operations on strings
8.3 Command line parameters
8.4 Standard ANSI library string functions(string.h).

9. Data structures- stack & queue
9.1 Implementation of stack
9.2 Implementation of queue
9.3 Implementation of circular queue

10. User defined structures
10.1 Anatomy of Structure
10.2 Anatomy of Union
10.3 Anatomy of Enum
10.4 Defining and using Structures, Union and Enums
10.5 typedef
10.6 Applying structures, unions and Enums to solutions

11. Advanced Pointers
11.1 Pointers with One-dimensional Arrays
11.2 Pointers with N-dimensional Arrays
11.3 Structure Pointers
11.4 Function Pointers

12. Dynamic Data Structures
12.1 Simple Linked List
12.2 Doubly Linked List
12.3 Implementing Stack using Dynamic Memory Allocation
12.4 Implementing Queue using Dynamic Memory Allocation

13. Recursion
13.1 Power of Recursion
13.2 Recursion v/s Iteration
13.3 Tower Of Hanoi
13.4 Sorting Algorithms

14. File Handling
14.1 Opening and Closing Files
14.2 Reading, Writing, Appending
14.3 ANSI library for File Handling
14.4 Using dir.h

15. Studying Header Files
15.1 Graphics.h
15.2 Time.h
15.3 Math.h

16. Preprocessing
16.1 Different type of preprocessing directives in C
16.2 Applying preprocessor.
17. Modular Programming
17.1 Difference between Functional and Modular Programming
17.2 Defining Modules in .c Files and using them in application
17.3 Separate Compilation and Role of Header files
17.4 Member access across Files

18. Projects in C using Design Patterns
18.1 Game Programming (Implemented during the course)
18.1.1 Tic-Tac-Toe (Using MVC Pattern)
18.1.2 Pacman (In Graphics Using Source-Listener Pattern)
18.2 System Programming (Assignment)
18.2.1 A Simple Database
18.2.2 Parser
18.2.3 Simulators

19. C++ as a Structured Language
20. C++ as a Procedural Language
21. Limitations of Procedural Programming
22. C++ as a Modular Programming Language
23. Limitations of Modular Programming
24. Data Abstraction ( Classes & Objects)
25. Operator Overloading
26. Establishing Relationship (Inheritance/Containment)
27. Dynamic Behavior(Polymorphism)
28. Interface(Abstract Classes)

Course 3 : Java Programming : Core Java, Class, Constructor, Inheritance, Package Interface, Exception, Applet, AWT, Thread, Swing..

Course 4 : Visual Basic : Concept of Event Driven Programming, Variables, Forms, Library Functions, Arrays, Menu, Database Handling (DAO, ADO), Reports, ActiveX Control..

Course 5 : XML (eXtensible Markup Language) : XML Basics and its Benefits, Document Type Definition, XML Schema, CSS, XSS, DOM & Query.

Course 6 : Server Side Scripting with ASP.NET : Introduction to HTML Controls, Web Forms, Event Handling, Database Handling, Retrieving Data from HTML Files

Course 7. Linux : Basic Linux Commands, Linking, File Permissions & Ownership, Filter, Job Control, User Maintenance

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