Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing : A2Z Computex creative professionals can create designs promoting your business and distinguishing your brand in the marketplace. Our expert graphic designers provide creative design solutions for a wide range of graphic design needs quickly. We also work with your existing logo, digitizing and vectorizing it for printing and web applications in many formats. We cater to the graphic design needs of printing companies. We can graphically design or re-design your website to improve its overall appearance.

A2Z Computex creative instincts expanse of graphic design capabilities, degree of expertise, and unmatched resources provide clients with top quality graphic design services. At A2Z Computex, our talented team of illustrators, animators and programmers can help you with all your graphic design, animation and imaging needs.

We provide a wide array of imaginative and professional services :
3D Animation and Logos, Rendering, Caricatures, CD and DVD covers, Displays and Signs, Posters, Labels, Print Media, Business Cards, Catalogues, Magazine Layouts, Newsletter Layouts, Postcards, Print-Ads, Stationary Design, Website Design, Multi-media services

3D Graphics : 3D and graphics design may seem to play a merely aesthetic role in the course of any Web or application development project. The truth however is entirely different: Graphics are a lot more than just pretty pictures to liven things up, and the tools you choose to create your work may go a long way creating the image you project. We cater to all your 3d graphic creation needs. Our 3d graphic design services are customized to suit your needs.

3D Animation : Let your scenes move. Enter the world of 3d animation where things are just like what they are. See the clouds blow, Hear the waves crash into cliffs and see the characters move. Our 3d animation services can create effects that you would just like to watch over and over again.

Walk-through : We can create 3d realistic architectural walkthroughs We can provide you with 3D Animated Walkthroughs or Flythroughs, around your building- representing any route around your Architectural Rendering Site Plan, and pausing (or slowing) at selected viewpoints or features. We can zoom in or out as needed, and introduce moving 3D Character Figures, individually or in groups

3D Model File Format Conversion and Alteration : we can take your existing models and convert them to over 18 different file formats without loosing UV mapping information or destroying the look of the 3D model. In some cases we can even fix damaged or incomplete models and make them look better than they ever did...

Rendering 2D Logos and Images into animated 3D objects : Why let your logo be just a 2d image. Let your image rotate, revolve, fade or zoom. Let it capture attention like never before.

3D Renderings : If a rendering or an image of a 3D model or scene is all you need, then let us do the work. We can design transparent renderings of any of our 3D models which can be dragged and dropped right into your project. We can also create realistic 3D rendered scenes as 2D images which are ready to be used for your project

Custom Texture Creation and Alteration We can create custom textures for your 3D models. We can add realistic texturing to 3D models which aren't textured. We can also take your textures and make them seamless for tiling. If you already have the 3D models you need, we can texture the models for you

Caricature & Cartoons : We are specialists in creating characters/Mascots/Cartoons for your identity. We work with you all the way from conception to inception. Our process: Plan the Character -The first step is telling us what kind of character you want. Let us get to work! - Our professional artists begin work. You will receive your first round of Concept Sketches in less than 4 business days. Review Concept Sketches - When you receive your Concept Sketches, you will need to review them. You can approve one of the sketches or Request changes Review Rendered Artwork- Once you approve a Concept Sketch, we then begin work on coloring and shading. When you receive your complete Artwork you will need to review it and either Approve the Artwork or request changes Make Final Payment and Download Final Art - Once you approve your Rendered Artwork, we will prompt you for the payment on your project. When we receive your payment, we send you the package

This package will include .PDF & .JPG files of the following:
1. Final character artwork in color (.pdf & .jpg files)
2. Final character artwork in grayscale
3. Final character artwork in black and white
4. PLUS copyright to final artwork transferred to you

This you can use the artwork on Websites Logos T-Shirts & uniforms Signage Marketing materials T-shirts Caps Coffee & Beer Mugs Bags And a lot more! We stand behind our work. We know that your satisfaction is very important to our business. That’s why we back our character design services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the concept sketches your artist sends you , simply request the changes you want and we’ll do the work again - until you are happy. We’ve made it easy for you to provide feedback to your artist and our shows that it’s just a matter of time before we nail a concept you like. That’s our promise to you. And it’s what keeps our clients coming back.

CD & DVD Covers Many artists and producers spend countless dollars and hours designing a cover that will showcase their album. A2Z Computex provides a cost effective solution to artists and record producers in need of an attractive CD or DVD cover that will promote sells. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom cover to match your identity and work. We can incorporate your existing image or design if you send it to us via email, fax, or disc in any file format. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your CD or DVD cover.

Digital Image Editing : We at design presentation understand that image editing is an extremely complex process and that every customer might need customized editing services so we provide you with a broad classification while we still treat every image as a new entity awaiting its own personal renewal.The broad categories include-

Image Restoration : • Image Alteration: black and white to color. • Removal of scratches and minor retouching. • Foreground, background object removal and addition

Image Enhancement : Why not add a better background to your Image ? Or do you wish to remove a distracted background? You have an image but you need to resize it and crop some parts it.

Enhancement includes: • Background replacement. • Eye, skin or hair color changing. • Heavy crease removal • Adding colors to the faded areas. • Making photographs small or large.-only with our photo enhancement services • Blending people into pictures. • Replacing, adding or deleting people from a photo. • Background expansion for adding more people to the photograph.. • Emphasizing on certain areas in the photo

Background Removal : Our background removal, photo restoration, object extraction and photo manipulation services ensure high quality extraction from the photos.

Colorization : Colorizing a black and white image can be very tedious and challenging process. By combining conventional creativity with the most sophisticated and professional software available, we offer your one stop source for image enhancement, restoration and colorization.

Image Manipulation : Manipulation is the technique of modifying an image or a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground.

Face Touchup : Face forms an important part of our personality, it can make us look young and at the same time it can make us look old. Unwanted facial expressions, blemishes and wrinkles are things of the past now. Photos Touch up enables you to enhance, repair and adjust facial images for perfect photos. We, have mastered the art of, blemish and scar removal., the redone images appear younger and youthful. With puffy eyes being removed, skin tone made a little lighter as compared to the original, the laugh lines removed and wrinkles nowhere to be seen- the photographs appear much younger than they originally were.

Artistic : Do you want to make your photograph look like a hand-painted masterpiece or even done with pencil, or with watercolors? Let us know the specifications and we will work closely with you to achieve the desired effect.

Displays & Signage : A2Z Computex can create effective advertising materials for you. Banners, flyers, and posters are inexpensive and efficient means of advertising. A unique design with an effective message can attract customers. We can create a new design for you or use your existing design and enhance it, preparing it for printing. Send us your project via email, fax, disc, or call and let us take the next step in advertising for you. You can send us graphics, text, or objects in any file format or just give us an idea of what you need and let us go to work. Your displays can be fast and cost effective solution to give your business marketing a new makeover. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom sign to match your identity and specifications.

Illustration for Print and Web : A2Z Computex specializes in designing illustrations to serve your specific purpose. Our illustrations are bold friendly and contemporary combining elements that both inform and entertain. Our Illustration categories include: • Cartoon, stylized and photo realistic illustration • Magazine cover and book illustration • Greeting card, calendar and poster illustration • Technical and educational illustration • Product Illustrations • Conceptual illustrations • T-shirt design • Storyboarding • Color Pages • Caricatures • Story Book illustrations • Medical/Anatomical Illustration • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Illustration • Nature/Animal Illustration

We offer all these at extremely competitive prices. Our prices include revisions till satisfaction. We can expedite your projects if needed to meet your delivery schedules. We do not reproduce your work. You have a guarantee of security and your work is 100% yours. We work in close co-ordination with you to capture your imagination on the screen, be it the hues of colors or the degree of realism, our illustrators strive to deliver delight to our customers. That’s the reason most of our clients love to come back to us.

Label Design : It is widely known that a customer’s purchase is usually based on the appearance of the product in comparison to others beside it on the shelf. Many companies spend countless dollars on designing a label that will distinguish their product. A2Z Computex provides a cost effective solution to companies in need of designing an attractive product label that will increase sells. Send us an email or give us a call and we will create a custom label to match your identity and specifications. We can incorporate your existing logo or design if you send it to us via email, fax, or disc in any file format. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your label.

Logo Designing : Your logo is often the first point of contact for a potential customer. We ensure that logo makes the desired impact.

THE Logo Pack Includes :
• Professional Design: Get a logo with workmanship that only talented and experienced graphic designers can deliver.
• Business and Competitor Analysis: Part of our design process involves the analysis of your business, your industry and your competitors. This ensures you end up with a strong and brand identity
• Unlimited Concepts & Revisions: During the design phase of your logo you are entitled to as many concepts and revisions as is necessary in order to develop a logo that you like.
• Different Versions: Your Logo Pack contains different versions of your new logo. 4 different color set ups in 3 different file formats for each color. This means you’ll be ready to use your logo on the web, on business stationery, t-shirts, coffee cups, billboards, wherever you need to!

Also Your Logo Pack includes:
A color version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
A gray scale version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
A white on black version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
A black on white version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)

• Lifetime Warranty: You read that right. Should you ever change your company name or tagline, we’ll make the changes for you, free of charge
• Transfer of All Rights: It’s your logo we’re designing so when the job is done, we transfer all intellectual property rights to you. You own your logo in full.

Logo Vectorization : We specialize in raster to vector conversions. You have a JPG or a pdf image of your logo and you want it on a T-Shirt or a Billboard,if you just post us the image via email,we can get vectorize it for you. Our conversions are accurate and the vector files can be resized to any extent without any distortion and we guarantee satisfaction.
As professional graphic designers and illustrators, A2Z Computex has the extra creativity and expertise in graphic design to help you reach your potential through marketing! We'll deliver exciting graphics, layout and design concepts that won't Exceed your budget...
just your Expectations!