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E-Commerce Development : Based in Rajasthan, India, A2Z Computex is a process driven web services company, offering a wide range of end-to-end services in the web domain. Our Services range from Designing, Development, 24X7 customer support to Web Marketing. Our Motto "Your Destination For Perfection" reflects our dedication towards serving our clients . We follow Industry Certified Processes to deliver quality services to our offshore clients from the U.S, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. We are associated with many companies as their sole Outsourcing Partner.

eCommerce Website Development Services from professional Firm : At A2Z Computex a team of over 100+ well trained and experienced web developers and software professionals are working since last five years to serve an illustrious list of above 200 clients across different verticals such as custom web site development, web designing web promotion , software development and many more from US, Canada and Europe. A2Z Computex focuses on custom Ecommerce solutions & custom web site development that fit your business challenges. Our Ecommerce initiatives improve sales performances, customer satisfaction and marketing initiatives undertaken by a company. Whatever your business, we can help you market and sell your products and services more cost effectively. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways to sell on the web. Since the start of the Ecommerce revolution A2Z Computex has been at the cutting edge of new technologies for building bespoke and off the shelf solutions. We have a proven track record for designing and developing Ecommerce solutions that will ensure that your company gains the competitive edge within your marketplace. We have an extensive knowledge base of building online stores using: ASP, PHP, XML, Cold fusion, ASP.Net and RTML.

Why A2Z Computex? Ecommerce Development Services in India. A2Z Computex is Ecommerce Development Company & Custom Web Site Development tailored to meet the needs of every company’s eCommerce development requirements. As eCommerce development , we specialize in eCommerce development Services, website design, flash web site design, database driven shopping carts, search engine submission, website promotion, website management and maintenance, cd rom authoring and development and educational resources, eCommerce web site development and design.
We are eCommerce development based company in India and US. We offer custom web site development at reasonable rates for individuals and smaller businesses. We can offer several eCommerce development solutions that are available to you from a small ecommerce development to a large eCommerce development solution. So when you want to get your business visible and well presented to your customers contact our eCommerce development team and we will make sure that your eCommerce development venture a good experience for you and your customers.
Affordable multimedia solutions and eCommerce development solutions are professionally designed and maintained for your company. With every eCommerce development services our eCommerce development team and solutions at A2Z Computex eCommerce development India take the time to listen to you and find the best solution to host your eCommerce development company site for you. A2Z Computex is an eCommerce development company dedicated to providing online solutions: professional ecommerce development solutions, eCommerce development services, eCommerce development prices and maintenance services for your business.

Contact us today for your eCommerce development & Custom Web Site Development. Take a look in our portfolio section for some work we have done. Ecommerce enables the firms and individuals to conduct their business and transactions through their website or other available resources on the internet. This provides you the opportunity to not only make your products or services availabe to the global market but also let the customer choose, buy and pay online through your website 24 hours a day , 365 days a year.

Credit Card : A credit card is a payment system technique, in this technique user name priented back side of the small plastic card issued to users to use this payment system anywhere and anytime. this card is differ from a debit card because it does not remove money from the user's account after each transaction completed. We provide all kind of support for online transactions.it is very crucial part of any bussiness so we can suggest you. We have expertise to connect your site to most of the available payment gateways.

Payment Gateway A payment gateway is an E-Commerce and dynamic service that allow online payment for E-Business. Payment Gateway provides the ability for transfer of informations between a payment portal.when any customer purchase or order any product, it do so many tasks combined to complete the task. We manage your transactions, help prevent fraud, and grow your business

Merchant Account : Through merchant account you can do easily your business with credit cards,debit cards and all kind of payment cards.we can say this term as payment processing.Any Merchants, or any owner who do payment processing. for their products and services, should having a merchant account through a merchant bank or Merchant Service Provider.

Shopping Cart Websites : To enable the customer browse , choose the product, specify product specifications and quantity, and keep track of his shopping basket. It may include any custom made functionality for your store. We can develop shopping carts as per your requirement and budget. We also select the technology which fulfills not only your immediate needs but also has scope for future upgrades

E-commerce Application / Shopping Cart : A2Z Computex offers the e-commerce development solutions that will act as the link between your online business and the rest of the world. Our company has shown remarkable growth as well as great client testimonials with regard to the e-commerce application development services that we offer. In today’s dynamic world of business and technology we seek to merge these two fundamental aspects, in such a way that they bring out the best of the goods and services that your business is offering. A2Z Computex is proficient in e-commerce development, e-commerce website development, e-commerce website design, e-commerce web development and e-commerce application development. Hire e-commerce developers at competitive price and get the complete e-commerce web solutions. A2Z Computex is India based most reputed website development company offer quality e-commerce application development services.

Quality E-commerce solution by A2Z Computex :
E-Commerce development
W-Commerce website development
e-commerce website design
W-Commerce web development
W-Commerce application development
Shopping cart solutions
E-commerce portal development
E-commerce Application migration

To meet these needs you will need partners who are knowledgeable and understand this new area of business. We are a reliable partner made up of a young work force of programmers, designers and e-commerce developers who have extensive knowledge on the new generation online business trends. With this background we are able to offer you advice on best practices on e-commerce web design and how to make the best out of your online store. Our e-commerce web solutions offer you a myriad of benefits the most immediate one being the opportunity to give your business global exposure. Through our customized e-commerce website design you will also enjoy the cost effective benefit of tracing the pages that your customers access and thus make changes that will make their time easier.

To promote product worldwide with e-commerce solution
Low expenditure of promotion and marketing
Easy to promote product
Expand item to worldwide consumer
Flexibility and Scalability
Cost Savings development process
High-Skilled developer Team

Further our e-commerce web development services will not only ensure that you maintain a viable relationship with your customer but also enhance the sales, goals and mission of your business. This is the one place that you are able to set your business apart and spread out your presence in the highly competitive world of business and technology. This is all done with regard to your budget as well as the needs of your online business. Access to our customer service has been made easier such that you can contact us all around the clock to make inquires about the e-commerce application development services that we offer.

ECommerce enabled website provides the most cost-effective way of promoting your business online. You can reach out to the customers worldwide and offer them your services and products directly through web. We are an ECommerce Development Company with a well-built expertise to allow us to show strong competence in both technological and creativity directions. We have the expertise at development of dynamic ECommerce B2B portal, B2C portal. We have worked with most of the shopping cart software available in the market and our services would help you manage your online store. We provide high quality ECommerce development services to our offshore clients all over the world.

Services :
•Install & Configure Shopping Cart Softwares
•Customize Opensource Shopping Cart Software
•Payment Gateway Integration
•3rd Party Integration
•eBay Integration
•Generate Product Feeds For Various Marketplaces
•Complete Maintenance
•Search Engine Optimization
•Google Analytics Tracking

Why You Need an ECommerce Solution for Your Business?
Thanks to the advancement in communications and transportation technology, today we live in a global economy where services and goods are traded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, between sellers and customers all over the globe. In this context, ECommerce allows companies to reach out to clients all over the word, regardless of distance or time difference. Thus, ECommerce development is vital for keeping a company competitive in this world market. And even if you sell only at a local level, there are many advantages to ECommerce development. Fist of all, it's a great way to allow your customers to get to know your company and its products. Not only that, but frequent clients can process their regular orders through your site in an easier, efficient way that doesn’t require time or long distance calls. Second, since regular orders are processed in exactly the same way, when you automate them, you liberate your customer service staff’s time and assign them to exceptions and special orders that require human thought and the ability to make decisions. Finally, a third advantage of ECommerce development is that it allows you to be available at any time to any client in any part of the world. You don’t even have to be awake, as a customer in a very far country can come to your site, get information on the products he or she needs, order them, and pay them before it's morning in your area. Of course, there are many more advantages of ECommerce development for a company. In fact, today, companies don't ask themselves whether go online or not, but rather HOW to go online so that their site stands out among the thousands of others and gets the customer.

we work these e-commerce applications :

AlegroCart : AlegroCart is an opensource e-commerce solution based on the final version of Opencart .79 with many modifications and enhancements The example to the left is a template for a live store

eclime : eclime is a very powerful Smarty™ based e-commerce/shopping cart software build from trusted osCommerce 2.2 engine, with many useful contributions added. It has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need.

Freeway : Freeway is an advanced Open Source eCommerce platform and includes an array of features not found in extremely expensive commercial systems. It includes a CRM and CMS as well.

Magento : Perhaps the most popular eCommerce package on the market today. Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store.

OpenCart : OpenCart is a turn-key ready “out of the box” shopping cart solution. You simply install, select your template, add products and your ready to start accepting orders. It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and we provide lifetime free support and free software updates.

osCMax : osCMax v2.0.15 is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. There are many advantages to using osCMax as your e-commerce/shopping cart for your web site. It has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need.

osCommerce : osCommerce Online Merchant is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.

PrestaShop : The PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution was built to take advantage of essential Web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy. PrestaShop guides users through your product catalog intelligently and effortlessly, turning intrigued visitors into paying customers.

TomatoCart : TomatoCart is the new generation of open source shopping cart solution developed by Elootec Technology Co., Ltd. It is branched from osCommerce 3 as a separate project. Our goal is to make TomatoCart one of the best online shopping cart slotuions

Ubercart : Ubercart is an exciting open source e-commerce package that fully integrates your online store with Drupal, the leading open source content management system. This is a killer combination for anyone looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much much more!

Zen Cart : Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is being developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be and should be done differently.

Ubercart : Ubercart is fully integrated with Drupal, meaning you can fully integrate your store with the rest of your web site or community. It can be used to sell shippable goods, downloadable products, recurring memberships, event tickets, and enable complex interactions with Drupal through various add-on contributions, such as multi-seller stores, discount coupons, affiliate programs, software license codes, or customizable goods.

VirtueMart : (formerly known as mambo-phpShop) is an open source e-commerce solution designed as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla! content management systems (CMS). VirtueMart is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage. It is best suited for low to medium level traffic web-sites.

And More....

Cost : E-Commerce Development : $150/10 Page *