History of search engine optimization : It is during the mid of 90's that search engines started naming and listing the websites which were submitted by webmasters. They would run the spiders and collect the appropriate and relevant data. So according to the information provided in the website would be of great help in categorizing these websites.

It is said to be the birth of search engine optimization when the webmasters started realizing the significance of these search engines which started to optimize the websites. The meta tags played an important role as they considered to be of great help in bringing the traffic to the relevant web pages and also influences the position of a website. It was said that there had been some webmasters who started to abuse time meta tags in the way by writing the irrelevant keywords which happened to rank the website in search that had none of its relation with any of their business. It was then in the early's of 2000 that the search engine started the stricter and complex way to rank a website which would not give the due consideration to the websites having inappropriate keywords. It is said that the Google search engine gave birth to the concept of page rank and link popularity was based on the page rank algorithm. Webmasters started the link exchange system with other websites. Time came when the Google adopted the method of more complex process of page rank for listing the optimized websites, because it was in a research made by google that some websites were buying and selling links to other websites which was of no use for any user visiting their website. It was only then that Google started keeping secret algorithm in ranking the website.

What are search engines? : Search engine is a kind of software being developed to provide a helping hand to the internet users which would be of great benefit by searching and listing the relevant database. It would be really helpful for users because by just entering a keyword in the search engine would be able to provide them the list of websites that have keyword in their web pages.

What is optimization? : Search engine optimization means analysis of your site and making required improvements so that it becomes possible for search engines to index and rank it. In case your website is not well ranked, optimization ensures and helps in bringing your website in the first upcoming pages of search results. This can vary from ranking very high in google to good in yahoo and excellent in bing. As search engines work in different ways, so in which search engine best ranking will take place is unpredictable.

How do search engines work? : search engine is not made up of one component but it consist of cluster of components which may include indexing, web spider and algorithm. Index is helpful in storing database ,updates occur when there are certain or prescribed changes in websites, and is able to retrieve the websites when the users enter keyword. On the other hand the function of web spider is to collect the web page URL's lists, store them and index the keyword.

What has to be done to achieve good search engine ranking? Itís our duty to check if crawlers such as google,yahoo or bing is able to identify all the hyperlinks in the pages and can make addition of them to the list of URLís to visit. Equal importance is given not only to the content which reflects the category your website belongs too but also to the architecture and programming of the website which is equally significant because pages have to be readable and accessible for these software agents. Itís not everyoneís cup of tea as there are some codes which are as hard to read for search engines as for anyone who is not a professional programmer.

When will I see the result? : It is the often asked question. Now a days people are eager to see instant results which is not applicable when you get engaged in search engine optimization. Itís not the fairy world where she rotates the magic stick and all is done but itís reality to stand in this competitive world against millions of competitors and out-rank them which is not a magical task. Search engines can take a long time to index a fraction of the web, which is usually measured in weeks or months. This is also the reason that we submit your website to those directories where not only google but your friends (even competitors) can feed on. A lot of patience, regular monitoring and modification is required to get website into first search result pages and not only refreshing content regularly but also building backlinks to keep it there.

What benefit will SEO bring to your website? : It is with the search engines that a website is made to be ranked in the top search results of relevant keywords.It will not only help in bringing the traffic but also benefit you with targeted customers to your website which would help your company build a standardized reputation and will provide you with various business opportunities.

On-site SEO : Keyword Analysis , Competitive Analysis, Title & Meta Tags, Heading & Alt Tags, Keyword Density and Proximity , W3C/xhtml Validation, Broken Link Fixing, Navigation and Internal Linking , Robots.txt, Attractive Description , H1 / H2 tags , SEO Copywriting , Sitemap.xml, Static Sitemap , If required then create robots.txt , Broken Link and 404 .

Off-page SEO : Search engine Submission , Directory Submission , Article Submission , Blog Submission, Social Bookmarking , Forum Posting , Threeway Linking , Press Release Submission , Reciprocal Link Building , Guestbook Submission , Weekly and Monthly Reporting , Report Summary , Link Building Report , Link Popularity Report , Keyword Ranking Report , Traffic Report , Visitors Tracking Report , Weekly Report .

SEO Services & SEM Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the rank of a web site on search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targeted keywords. After that process, it will take 3-6 months to get list in most of the search engines. Some time it may takes a year also. For immediate inclusion is not possible in all search engines without submission charges. Some search engines like google are not charging or not having paid inclusion on search items.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) : A2Z Computex search engine marketing services (SEM Services) are designed to reach the goals and objectives of our clients. We have to consider the following factors to set the cost and time requirement to increase the visitors for your site. product (Web site content, theme and interest on that) Budget ( Spend money to market your web site) Keywords (Some keywords increase the budget or decrease the clicks and viz.) Business objectives.

Keyword Analysis : Best possible keyword analysis is the most important SEO services on the SEO Industry what we provide to help to reach our clients for online marketing solutions. Cleverest analysis to select keyword is very essential part in SEO and SEM Services for reaching right visitors. Our SEO Services will take clients existing keyword list and analyze with market and expand the numbers of keywords and phrases which is relevant with their business. This keyword analysis service is along with SEO and SEM services only.

Competitive Analysis: In the SEO Services campaign, the analysis about competitive companies for keywords of our clients would be a very important process. The competitive analysis will help us to improve the rank and traffic of our clients. In this competitive analysis, we will do analyze of keywords, links to there site and other factors which have been getting more ranking than our clients.

Pay-Per-Click campaign (PPC) or Paid Search Campaign : Pay-Per-click campaign is a part of SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing) and a type of advertisement in search engines which have been listed under sponsored listing category along with organic or natural search results for given keyword. These PPC advertisements will appear in top, Right and bottom of organic search results. We have another option for pay-per-click advertisements on other sites which are related with our set of targeted keywords. This is known as contextual advertising. Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experts analyze and set the keywords which will be more cost-effictive and also more reachable keywords. Along with SEO Services campaign, PPC campaign is also being as a very effective method to increase the traffic for clientís site.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a very grateful method of promoting online businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for visitors, subscribers and/or customers provided through his efforts. It is a modern variation of the practice of paying finder's-fees for the introduction of new clients to a business. Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each new registrant, or a commission for each sale or a commission for each lead, or any combination.

Search-Friendly Web Design: (SEO Web design): Normally all web designers can do more attractive websites. In order to getting more rank on search engines, only the matter of attraction is not a worth full subject. Our SEO Services have decided to give solution for this issue. So we are doing very good websites by our web designers with guide lines and verification of our SEO experts. Our SEO Services offer for our clients to re-design of their web sites as search engine optimized (SEO) web site. Some of our SEO services are free along with web design services.

Website Analytics : Web analytics is a study of online behaviors of web sites on SEO Services and SEM Services. Web analytics services measures the visitorís potential, visitorís geo location, mode of visits like search engines, referrals, advertisement and direct, keywords and landing pages. These SEO services will help to our clients to make necessary changes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services.

Link Building : Link building is a SEO Services and very important factor to increase the ranks on search engines. Links pointing to a web site which is from related and high quality website will be consider as a good quality links. Search engines considering these linked sites as having quality information and useful website for searchers. We are using various kinds of methods to obtain these high quality links.

Content Development/Copywriting : Our writers make high quality, unique content that says clientís marketing message and is also optimized for the search engine. Unique content is important quality for SEO Services, more over that the same content has to promote clientís product or service to customers. We do with clients to develop the web content strategy for delivering best content on their website.

Blog Writing : Writing blog or blogging is one of the good service of SEO Services, best way to produce fresh, unique, search engine traffic for your site, as well as dramatically increase customer ratio. A2Z Computex SEO Services can help to setting up clientís blog, updating it, or just some advice, SEO Services have the experience and results to help you increase your traffic, sales, and blog visibility.

Reciprocal Linking : Our reciprocal link service is like no other. We manually search for web sites that you can exchange links with that are related to you web site and complementary to your products and services.

One Way Linking : Our one way linking service is for clients that do not wish to have a link directory on their site. We manually search for web sites that are related to yours which may allow you to purchase links.

A2Z SEO & SEM Cost : $100/Month , 6 Month Package