Company Email Systems

A2Z Computex - An Email Hosting company : A2Z Computex has several years of experience in providing state-of-the-art email hosting services. Our corporate-style business email hosting services with fast reliable connectivity and quality customer support have been used by many companies.

Business-Email : Business-Email is a popular solution that has a comprehensive set of features ranging from "Branded Interfaces" to "Advanced SPAM filtering". It helps increase the productivity of an organization through simple yet effective communication. We offer different plans that can cater to anyone from "Small Scale enterprises" to "Corporate customers".

Our Business-Email (email hosting) run on dedicated Linux mail servers located in state-of-the-art Tier 1 data centers in USA. All administration, security, daily backups of hardware and software are managed by us, saving you the high costs of having technical staff to manage your organization's email system. By availing A2Z Computex's Business-Mail you can have any ISP connection and still send branded emails using your website email id like ''.

All you have to do to reinforce the online brand of your organization through fast effective communication is to sign-up and create your employee email ID's!

Key Features of "A2Z Computex Email Systems" : Corporate Branding & interface customization! Your own logo & company colors in your branded "India business email service" help develop an ecommunity and establish a brand. Feature Rich Email Hosting Control Panel to help you manage your entire email system from one location. Some features inbuilt into the Admin console are:

1) Real time creation and deletion of email accounts.
2) Customized mail box size. The Administrator has full control over the size of the mail boxes. Account sizes can be dynamically increased or decreased with simple clicks.
3) Creation of catch-all account, setup of "Email domain forwarding", auto mail maintenance options like "Aging" etc.
4) Total control for setting up unlimited email forwarders and auto-responders.
5) Mailing list management to allow you to send common mail to multiple (specific and soliciting) users.

Feature rich End-user email panel Allows delegation of day-to-day tasks to end email users and saves your time, effort and money. Through their end user panel your users can setup their individual forwarders, auto-responders and change their passwords thereby reducing your administrative overheads. Our A2Z Computex provide 3 Webmail choices! All your users can login and check their mails without configuring software clients like Outlook, Eudora, Netscape etc. all the time. This is very useful when a user is traveling. Moreover your users can choose any corporate style Webmail interface of their choice (Squirrelmail, Horde, Neomail) once they login. To top it all off, each user can customize their color-scheme, display options and theme depending upon their mood and inclination at any time. Business Email Address Books, vacation messages etc. are built into the Webmail system. Email Hosting Control Panels also have inbuilt help documentation. Hosted on industrial grade servers with premium connectivity ! Imagine the above "email hosting A2Z Computex service " running on our top-class USA servers with very high-uptime and access speed. It will provide you with an effective, elegant and branded email system that you can rely on. "A2Z Computex Email hosting service " pricing depends upon number of mail boxes and overall size / disk space requirements.

We have packages that suites everyone be it for personal use or for businesses. Now your company can have email. It's easy and available in a business webmail, POP or IMAP service. This is a very powerful and flexible service providing a corporate messaging system. Email is mission critical for today's businesses. However the growth of junk email, computer viruses and email abuse are combining to reach levels that have become a threat to the continuity of business email. Our managed email security services, The Secure mail, prevent current and evolving email threats from reaching organizations' networks.

Standard Features : We gives you the power to filter e-mail traffic to protect your organization from virus attacks, spam mails and wasted bandwidth right at the Internet level. It provides virus-free and spam-free mail. All the unwanted emails (containing spam and virus) are filtered on our Internet server before they reach your mail server and the intended recipients.

Quick and easy installationNo hardware or software required.
No installation or maintenance hassles.
Quicker to implement than a software solution.
Reduces network bandwidth and storage.
Safely queues email, if your server is down.
Prevents email borne and denial of service attacks.
No upgrade costs.
No staff training is required.
Keeps Spam and viruses away from the corporate network.
Reduces legal liability.
Platform independent.
Already having a site/domain name hosted somewhere else then only a simple DNS/MX change to enjoy secure mail services.

Other Features : Anti Virus enabled and Anti Spam Filters E-mail Filtering POP3 SMTP Relay Vacation message and auto reply Support Outlook and other mail clients Mail Admin Control Panel Calendar Scheduler 7 Days online support (Chat, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ) 99.9% Uptime and Reliability Accessible with both web mail and Mail clients Email Auto reply and Email Forwarders IMAP Web based Interface Catch-All Email/Email Forwarding Strong spam filters Customized Mail Box Address book etc Notebook 24/7 Fast & Responsive Support

Cost : Our Email Hosting plans are

1. 10 Email Accounts with 20GB Storage
$20/Year All Tax Include

2. 500MB Exchange Server With single email account
$70/Year All Tax Include

3. 500MB Exchange Server With BlackBerry & Windows Mobile
$160/Year All Tax Include